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The Process:

DISCUSS: We will have a discussion about what you are looking for in your piece over Zoom call or by e-mail. Together we determine how to move forward in creating your custom work. We will consider color palette, style.

PROPOSAL: We determine the size you desire proportional to your budget. The timeline varies between 4-10 weeks for completion.

CONTRACT: I will prepare an agreement and invoice with the details. This will include the proposed size, style of work, colour palette, costs, and timeline. Both parties sign the contract to proceed.

DEPOSIT: A 50% deposit is required to commence.

COMMISSION UPDATE: After the painting has been started I will send an update or two to show the process and composition of the piece.

COMPLETION: Final images will be sent, final payment is due and shipping is arranged.

A client contacted me to commission a painting of his wife for her birthday. He wanted a portrait of her in one of her happy places, on a hike, surrounded by the beauty of nature. I was happy to discuss terms with him and how I would bring to life a memory of a perfect, peaceful moment. When finished, the piece will measure 16 in x 16 in in a 20 in x 20 in floater frame, ready to hang. I hope that when all is said and done, it will evoke joy and calm for both my client and his wife.

To begin this commission, I spent some time blocking in the background and working on the values and colors for this painting before moving on to the figure’s clothing. There is something amazing about watching a new painting take shape and come to life right in front of your eyes.

Further along in the process, and her face is beginning to take shape. I sent this image as a progress report to my client, and this was part of his response: “I trusted you to do an amazing job. You have. I love your interpretation. Beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished.” 

Here is the finished commission, and it was a pleasure to work on. It will be hung on the wall in it’s new home soon, where I hope it will bring a sense of calm and recall joyful memories spent in nature.