The 25 Days of Minis

Starting on December 1st and continuing until December 25, I am excited to unveil a new painting every single day. These artworks will be showcased here, and are also a part of a unique online event named "The 25 Days of Minis". The concept behind this event lies in the beauty and intimacy of giving art as a present.

When you pick a certain painting as a gift to someone, you are conveying that you saw something in that piece that reminded you of them. This act sends a profound message of love and appreciation that will reverberate every time they look at your gift.


I’m Dennis Crayon - Thank you for visiting my online art gallery!

My work is all about not worrying. It’s about seeing the world in peacefulness of your mind’s eye. Taking a minute to just be.

It is my passion to make fine art for you.

You're always welcome to get in touch!

(703) 517-5973