Thirty Memories

What do you call the time between winter and spring?

What do you call the time between winter and spring?

You may look out the window and wonder, will winter ever end?

When rays of the sun slice the clouds, forming belts that seem like it is holding the earth together.

That teaser of a warm breeze hugging your neck in the morning and cold brisk stabbing your bones in the evening

Sooner or later You would think

Winter is over and spring is here…or is it?

If you feel it will rain, the clouds run away. And if you think it’s a clear sky day, it will rain heavy on you.

It will taunt you, make you in a state of guessing and confusion like that lady in red that cuts through the crowd and you just want to see her face but you couldn’t.

One moment you are shivering and the other you are drenched in sweat. You are in a constant state of muddle

And then one morning there is a hint, the last downpour slowly wash the winter’s depression away and quickly evaporates making way to the mighty sun, the war is over, finally warmth win the war.  

The fight between cold and hot is over.

I looked at the window that morning and I saw lights wrapping the shadows up and closing the last winter chapter.

And I whispered HOPE.



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