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Rainy Sunday in the Park 16 x 16 | Oil on Panel | $550

Rainy Sunday at the Park is part of a series depicting rainy days driving around the city

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Gumball Delight 16 x 16 | Oil on Panel | $1200

One bright and sunny day I was walking in Crystal City the sun was streaming in through the skylight and the gumball machine’s colors seemed to glow making everything bright and cheery. I was also really taken with the patterns that the gumballs made and how the patterns would change each time a gumball was bought.

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Shop Eat Enjoy | 16 x 16 | Oil in Panel | $1200

Claude and I went to a book reading and dinner in Hyattsville one Friday night at Franklins Restaurant and General Store. When we came out from dinner it was right around dusk, and the lit sign certainly expressed how I was feeling at the time. I went back later to get a photo of the streetlamp when it was lit but the lamp out. The surrounding lamps on the street were all lit. I decided to leave the lamp dark to help so the sign was the main idea of the painting.

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Make It Rain | 15 x 25 | Oil in Panel | $1600

I love the feeling of the vintage Monopoly Game. In the summer when I was young, we had a camp in upstate New York. When it rained me, my brother and cousins would play board games on the screened in porch. I used to love watching the rain come in waves over the top of the water. I was never good at Monopoly but enjoyed the time playing.

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