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This original one-of-a-kind oil painting is on Birch Cradle Board that measures 30” wide by 24” high by 1.5” deep.  The artwork comes ready to hang and the sides are sanded and varnished. This painting is signed by me (Dennis) and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Shipping is free from within the continental U.S. with in 5-7 business days from my studio in Alexandria VA.

Dennis conjures themes of dreams and memory and the ways they are sharp at first but fade, morph or deteriorate over time. “In either dreams or memories, some of it will be really sharp and really in focus and each detail will be there, and other areas will be a lot blurrier, and I’m trying to do that with the artwork.”

About Quality
I am very careful about the quality of art I sell. During each step of the process, from composition to final finish and packaging, the utmost care is given to each individual work of fine art

Shipping inside of the United States is free. International buyers will receive an additional invoice based on location/size.

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